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A gathering for those whose interests live at — or near — the intersection of theology with imagination, aesthetics, embodiment, and literature. The interplay of these areas with one another has come to be named as theopoetics, the focus of the event. Organized for theological scholars, religious practitioners, and those who are both, this conference will be a mix of academic discussions, facilitated dialogue, performance, and workshops focused on developing practices that can be taken back to share with our communities of support and accountability. Details about presentations, performances, panel disccusions, and workshops is on the Content page.

Contemplation | Art | Action


The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action
1662 Blue Rock Street #1a
Cincinnati, OH 45223


Friday, March 10th beginning promptly at 5:30pm and formally ending at the close of dinner 8:30pm on Saturday March, 11th. Optional Sunday morning debrief. See Schedule page for additional details.


Given what strikes us as an upswing in interest around the intersection of theology with imagination, aesthetics, and embodiment, we hope to call together those for whom this conversation is compelling, spur conversation, and encourage connections. While there have been conferences before that have focused on theopoetics, last year’s theopoetics conference was a unique attempt to be a conference about theopoetics that is organized as theopoetics. A mix of voices, methods, and perspectives, each affirming the mutual influence that theology, faith, imagination, aesthetics, and embodiment have upon one another. Participants were clear that another event would be worth while and so here we are!


Poets, preachers, rappers, professors and students of theology and religion, spoken word artists, clergy, musicians, visual artists, and perhaps you. Participants and presenters from social groups that have been historically marginalized in the academy and/or faith communities are particularly welcome. We would love for folks who are part of Midwest Regional of the American Academy of Religion to participate, and we are open to registration from anyone who would like to come. From ages 18 to 108 we hope want you there. To see who has currently registered see the Participants  page.

How cregister-nowan I participate?

Registration is $50. It covers all conference events Friday evening through Saturday’s dinner. Saturday’s breakfast and lunch are not included and neither is a housing. Registration is available here. Registration does not cover housing, but information about local venues is on the Housing page.

 Any Scholarship?

There are limited funds available for folks between the ages of 18 – 22. For more information see Young Adult Scholarships.