This event is the first of its kind: an attempt to host a sustained space for engagement with ideas and conversations related to theopoetics using modalities that are themselves resonant with theopoetics. We’re emphasizing dialogue, multimedia presentations, and imaginative, aesthetic practices themselves as sites of theological reflection and discovery. And we want you there with us.

There are (at least!) four ways in which you might engage in the conference. In terms of scheduled events you could (1) give a presentation, (2) offer a workshop, or (3) deliver a PechaKucha. Proposals for each of these options are available through the links. If you are not interested in doing one of those then you can still register and join us, going to the events that most speak to you. While not everyone will be a presenter, we will be actively inviting participation in dialogue from all those who are present: having participants in the workshops is vital for them to run and having folks in the rooms for presentations is key for the post-presentation conversation.

Registration costs are the same for everyone who comes, so if you already know you want to be there, register today: early registration saves you $5. We’re capping registration at 100 people, and hope you will be one of the folks there.