Lisa Hess

Lisa’s area of specialization is interreligious learning, conscious feminine leadership and Christian spirituality. She is author of A Companionable Way: Path of Devotion in Conscious Love (Cascade, 2016), Learning in a Musical Key: Insight for Theology in Performative Mode (Princeton Theological Monograph series, Pickwick Publications, 2011) and Artisanal Theology: Intentional Formation in Radically Covenantal Companionship (Cascade, 2009), among other publications. A graduate of the 2013 Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy with Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnati, Ohio, she is a certified facilitator and affiliate leader in this lineage of wisdom, holding contemplative circles for women to come to voice and bring the Feminine more fully to expression in the world. Her research continues to focus on the redress of contemporary theological education and faith community life with an intentional formation in radically covenantal companionship, circle-way leadership and the discernment of gifts and challenges in an increasingly pluralistic and global-local world.

In her own Sabbath time, Lisa enjoys strength-training, patio-gardening, SoulCollage®, writing in community and creative renewal of all kinds. Is painting next? With her husband, Brian Maguire, she dabbles in foodie-culture, travel, science fiction TV and the careful shepherding of their Basenji-mix dog, Marley.