The Reverend Jane Voigts

Jane Voigts

Jane grew up in Des Moines and in the Lutheran Church where she discovered she had a knack to “make church fun.” She moved to Chicago in the early 80s, just after college, to pursue improv and stand-up comedy. She moved to LA in the late 80’s to continue these pursuits. In her adult life she found her spiritual home in the United Methodist Church, and after a surprising call in the desert on Good Friday (really!) she transitioned into ordained ministry with a desire to continue developing her passions and gifts for comedy and fun- making. She graduated from the Claremont School of Theology in 1996. There she created an improv troupe of seminarians called Angelic Residue; they played improv games with scripture and were a huge hit (not to brag – thanks goes to God!). Jane has served churches in West Los Angeles, Appleton WI, San Luis Obispo and, in 2012, she was appointed to take a stab at creating a full-fledged Comedy Church in Toluca Lake (next to Burbank). When that experiment ended Jane went on “family leave” to care for her parents in Waverly, Iowa and continue her pursuit of building new bridges between comedy and theology. She’s presently writing a blog exploring the Bible from a comic angle, The Comic Lens, as well as developing, producing and performing a unique variety show entitled, The Bible Cabaret: A Comedy and Music Review Starring the Old and New Testaments.