The conference committee is seeking papers, talks, presentations, and/or performances that examine and explore the role(s) that the arts, aesthetics, embodiment and the imagination play in religious discourse and experience. We are particularly interested in how theology and religious studies are affected by the imagination and the arts and how alternative forms or intersections of affective and aesthetic expression might yield new, embodied ways of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ in the world. While a limited number of traditional paper sessions will be held, we encourage those making proposals to consider this an opportunity to not merely read aloud a paper, but to prepare a more “non-traditional” offering. Consider the model of TED talks as a possible guide, but do not be afraid to consider the use of media, theatre, and movement. Presentations will be 20 minutes long, with time afterwards for dialogue with those attending. Content and/or summaries will made available at least 2 weeks in advance.

We are particularly interested in proposals surrounding the following themes:

• The relationship between privilege, power, and imagination or imaginaries
• Subversion and aesthetics
• Text: content and form
• Prophetic imagination
• Alternatives to rational epistemologies
• Feminist, queer, constructive, liberation theologies and theopoetics
• Differences between theological aesthetics and theopoetics
• Materiality and neo-materialist perspectives on imagination
• Phenomenological approaches to theopoetics or the imagination
• Beauty, awe, and wonder in social change

Successful proposals will be emails with three separate files attached:

1) A response to two questions, each answered in no more than 100 words. (a) How would you use the 20 minutes allotted for a presentation, talk, or paper? That is, will you be reading paper, do a visual presentation, talk with paper provided in advance, something new you envision for this event, etc.? (b) What about this conference is of interest to you?
2) One-page abstract (500 words or less) outlining the nature, scope, intent, and likely references of your proposal
3) Current CV(s), resume(s), or link to portfolios including contact information

All materials should be submitted to by 11:59pm January 8th January 15th, 2017. Use the email subject “Conference Proposal: Presentations”