Beyond the Body: Queer Proclamation as a Way to Queer Eschatology

Queer Proclamation is simultaneously necessary and impossible. In order for the Word beyond words to be named and invited into a time such as this, we have to be creative in our proclamation, proclaiming beyond the normative and into the margins, the perverse, and the particularities of the body. Queer proclamation moves beyond the identity platform of “queer” and into a theoretical queering of how we tarry beyond what is known and expected and “always done this way” and into a place of experimentation, innovation and anticipation. It happens both on the inside and the outside of the institutional supports and originates from the people on the margins. We’ll explore Queer Proclamation and play on the edge of proclamation, on the line between necessity and impossibility, holding faith with the words that disrupt even as they fail.