Death, Rebellion, and Counterculture

Chibuzo Petty

Death, Rebellion, and Counterculture: An Exploration of Atonement as Liberation

This presentation will explore a theopoetic of atonement through the lense of Christus Victor theory. Via frames of death, rebellion, and counterculture, conference-goers will be reintroduced to the ancient, yet often undervalued, Christus Victor atonement theory. I will purport not only that Christus Victor is the primary way in which the Passion and salvation should be understood but also that the theory deserves a more robust understanding in-and-of-itself. This will be done, primarily, by connecting Christ’s victory to theopolitical concepts of rebellion and counterculture. In addition to reflecting on the death of Jesus, we will explore how our death is connected to salvation – our giving of life for God and for others. The presentation will draw on the work of Greg Boyd, James Cone, Gayle Gerber Koontz, and John Dear and will end with an original composition: “Reimagining Psalm 22.”