Revisions and Inversions – Art, Religion and the Evolution of Metaphors

Erling Hope

Erling Hope

This presentation will explore the evolving nature of metaphor in the relationship between the arts and religion using participatory, descriptive and performative modes of inquiry. After a brief anecdote around the theme “Where do you draw the line?” Participants will play a game of sorts, the intent of which is to explore where Religion ends and Art begins…

This will be followed by what will aspire to be a brief poetic description of the territory shared and contested by the arts and religion. A transition to the topic of “metaphor” as a fundamental instrument in these interactions enables an engagement with the following two disruptive (and here sharply abridged) queries:

  1. Name a more ubiquitous metaphor for human spiritual aspirations or just the sorting and ordering of the world than the metaphor of light, or of light and dark.
  2. Now name a metaphor that is responsible for more human suffering.

This evokes the subject of othering, which I will treat in the closing segment with a brief performative element.